Save the Date: Rida 2018

“Going to the Rida every year feels like drinking from the fountain of youth… I get re-energized, reinvigorated, and recommitted to my mission.” - Rida alum

Heads up! The Rida Institute is a year long, and we're kicking off in the summer with touch points throughout the year. Here is some of what we’re planning so far:

Rida Institute Professional Development Training

The Rida Institute begins with a three-day intensive retreat taking place July 31st - August 2nd in Detroit. Participants will be trained in PIE’s best practices for curriculum planning and classroom culture-setting. PIE will continue to support participating teachers to reflect and course-correct throughout the year. Here is an overview of the Rida Institute timeline:

Rida Institute Summer Intensive 2018 (July - August) This three-day intensive will introduce teachers to the Rida Framework, one of PIE’s tools for humanizing schooling. This year we’ll have talks by visiting educators (to be named soon!) and we’ll focus on developing unit plans and self-defined metrics by which participants can measure progress towards their goals.

Monthly Meetups Monthly throughout the school year, teachers will have the opportunity to come together to “tune up” their classroom plans and practices. These meetups will take the form of book clubs, lesson planning parties, and more to troubleshoot classroom challenges and share successes.

Classroom Visits and Interviews Every classroom will be observed at least once throughout the school year by PIE staff. We will also conduct interviews with students to assess their perceptions of the classroom. Teachers will reflect on these evaluations and observations during one-on-one meetings to understand what’s working and not working in their classrooms, and adjust their practices accordingly.

More info is coming soon, and we'll be sure to keep you updated!