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We know what it takes to transform schooling. Your support puts our knowledge into action.

For the last seven years, PIE has partnered with over 25 educational institutions, helped over 60 teachers create more humane classrooms, nurtured the creative self-development of 3,000 students and facilitated 50 student-led media arts investigations.  

Our work to keep our classrooms relevant to students’ lives, to keep our educators and artists prepared for the lasting work of humanizing schooling, is ever evolving. Give now and help us continue to create more compassionate and creative classrooms.

In 2018, we’ve seen our work level up:

As an 8th grader, I never thought I had the power to change my city. But with PIE, I see I can start with myself and my class then eventually the city.
— PIE Middle School Student
  • We expanded our artist residency beyond the traditional classroom into youth empowerment organizations across Detroit. Three of Detroit’s most prolific Artist Educators are facilitating student-led investigations, culminating in collaborative media projects.

  • We released one of our most transformative projects, created by 1st and 2nd graders in collaboration with a PIE artist-in-residency: Trash Life, a zaney and wildly entertaining film that answers the question, “How do the choices we make about what to do with our trash affect our communities and our world?”  

Photo by  Justin Milhouse
Immersion in the PIE network dramatically transformed how I conceptualize my role as an educator and my own vision for how a successful classroom functions. Before PIE, I had a much lower bar for measuring success. Since PIE, I look for elements of rigorous engagement, character development and student leadership to signify the success of my classroom.
— AIR Teacher Partner

  • We convened 15 Metro Detroit educators during our annual Rida Institute, our largest cohort since the program’s inception. We imparted skills for nurturing authentic student voice and leadership in their classrooms. And our monthly meet-ups throughout the school year help Rida educators return to their purpose for teaching and create lasting, supportive relationships.

  • We launched our very first PIE Lab, a training for Artist Educators. We responded to the profound need for skill sharing and sharpening among artists doing collaborative, socially just media making in and with communities. Some of the most exciting artists from around the region gathered for to learn skills in cultivating more humanizing creative practices.

PIE’s work creates educational spaces that cultivate curiosity, using the questions young people have about their world as a launch pad toward relevant, meaningful learning. Give now and join us in humanizing schooling.

Thank you for your support. All donations to People in Education are processed through Allied Media Projects, a 501c3 tax deductible organization.