The Rida Institute is a year-long professional development training for teachers with a focus on critical pedagogy.

The goals of the training are to train teachers in PIE best practices for curriculum planning and classroom culture-setting and support teachers to self-reflect and course-correct throughout the year.

This year-long training consists of:

Summer Intensive
The three-day summer intensive introduces teachers to the “Rida Framework,” PIE’s primary planning tool. The intensive introduces our best practices for nurturing student agency and leadership and create unit plans and self-defined metrics by which they will measure progress towards their stated purpose and goals.

Tune-up Meetings
Throughout the year, teachers will have the opportunity to come together to “tune up” their classroom plans and practices. The Tune-ups will focus on classroom culture and instructional practices. Teachers will grow a supportive community of peers with whom they can troubleshoot challenges and share successes. 

Classroom Evaluations
Every classroom will be observed and evaluated once throughout the year. Teachers will reflect on the evaluations during Tune-up meetings to understand what’s working and not working in their classrooms, and adjust their instructional practices accordingly.

We will soon be accepting applications for the 2018 Rida Institute! Stay tuned.