The Rida Institute is a year-long training that prepares educators to facilitate humanizing classrooms.

For PIE, “humanizing classrooms” are ones that nurture connection, curiosity and reflection.

They are spaces that respect the full humanity of both students and teachers, and that nurture authentic youth voice and leadership.  The Institute models this experience for teachers in its design, while imparting concrete tools and practices that can be applied in their classrooms.

The primary goals of the Rida Institute are to:

  • Connect teachers to their personal purpose in education, exploring why they teach.

  • Increase the resilience of educators, lowering rates of teacher burnout.

  • Provide insight on practices to create more compassionate classrooms.

  • Increase the relevance of classroom content to students’ and teachers’ lives.

  • Create deep relationships that will support educators throughout their career.

This year-long training consists of:

Summer Intensive

The summer intensive introduces teachers to the Rida Framework, one of PIE’s tools for humanizing schooling. This framework supports teachers to articulate their purpose as educators within the context of their school, their neighborhood, their city, and the world. From there, they identify the skills and practices to cultivate (in themselves and in their classrooms) in order to fulfill that purpose. Teachers learn best practices for nurturing student agency and leadership. With the support of PIE staff and dynamic guest facilitators, they create unit plans and self-defined metrics by which they can measure progress towards their stated purpose and goals.

Monthly Meetups

Throughout the school year, teachers will reconvene at networking events such as book clubs, local and national conferences, and lesson planning parties. These gatherings allow further professional development opportunities and cultivate a supportive community of peers with whom teachers can troubleshoot challenges and share successes.

Student Interviews

PIE staff will conduct interviews with a small group of participating teacher’s students to evaluate their perceptions of the classroom and their attitudes towards school overall.

Classroom Documentation & Evaluation

Every classroom will be observed by PIE staff and Rida trainers at least once during the school year. The observation includes an audio/video recording and transcript.  Rida participants will then undergo one-on-one meetings to reflect on these recordings and student evaluations. This reflection will help teachers understand what is working or not working in their classrooms and adjust their instructional practices accordingly.

applications for the 2019 rida institute are now closed. check out a recap of our 2018 program.