PIE Staff


Nate Mullen


Nate joined Allied Media Projects in 2011 as part of the founding team of Detroit Future Schools. He became the director in 2014 and led the organization through the process of rebranding to People In Education in 2017. Nate’s work thrives at the intersection of art, education and people. For ten years, Nate has worked in classrooms, leading student media investigations which have included everything from stop motion videos about Newton's Laws to infographics on the complexities of global economics. He has a B.F.A. from the University of Michigan and is a graduate of Detroit Public Schools. You can find some of this work at ww.in8.work.


Erin Allen

Communications and Fundraising Assistant

Erin joined the team in March of 2018 to expand PIE’s public face and funding support. Erin holds a B.A. in psychology from Grand Valley State University. She brings eclectic experience in development, fundraising and grant writing to her work with PIE, as well as a kaleidoscope of communications skills including broadcasting, social media management, voice art and blogging. She also teaches yoga in wellness spaces across Detroit. You can learn more about her at bit.ly/erinlink.


2018/2019 Artists-in-Residence


Cyrah Dardas

Cyrah is an artist born and raised in Michigan, and she has taught art locally and internationally. She spent two years in Guatemala City teaching an after school program and K- 12 art classes. With her students, Cyrah created large-scale mural projects, group art shows and an art festival for which they converted a nearby lot into an art park. Upon her return to Detroit, Cyrah facilitated programming in Spanish and English at schools across Metro Detroit. In 2015, she co-founded the artist collective, Art Babes, an intersectional, feminist space for femme creatives to practice, share and promote their art. Cyrah also designed a program to engage young women in art and adornment at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). In addition to her role with PIE, she is a ProjectArt Artist-In-Residence, where she works with students to create a 3D map of their community. Check out her work at cyrah.art.

Miz Korona.jpg

Miz Korona

Miz Korona is a Hip Hop Artist, Actress, Songwriter, Photographer and Videographer. When she’s not touring or working her part time job at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), she does freelance photography for IOBY and Between The Lines Magazine. Working with multiple organizations, youth programs has helped her develop different ways to reach and communicate with people of all ages and nationalities. You can see her photography at triggerfingervisuals.com and hear her bars at mizkorona.bandcamp.com.

Brian Oscar.JPEG

Brian Oscar

Brian Oscar is a multidisciplinary creative from Brooklyn with a focus on visual and sonic techniques to create experiences focused on the now. Since coming to Detroit in 2009 and attending College for Creative Studies, he has worked with many mediums, from time based media, collaborative albums, developing brands to music curation and murals. Elements of nature have become his big themes as well as using pop culture to explore connections and disconnects. Brian believes that storytelling and illustration are synonymous with helping educate or help one understand culture. Through his work, he seeks to reflect the human condition land culture through contemporary content. His artist name Wrcklés, and you can find his work at briankoscar.

PIE Media Interns

tulani bio pic.jpg

Tulani Pryor

Tulani Pryor joined the team in winter of 2018 as one of PIE’s first media interns. She is an artist, writer, and recent graduate of Kalamazoo College with a B.A. in Visual Arts and English.  Tulani is an avid storyteller and lover of history who is dedicated to using creative expression to humanize and represent historically marginalized identities.  In her free time, she likes to draw fan art of her favorite television show, “Pose.”


Marisol Sanchez

Marisol Sanchez is also an inaugural PIE media intern who joined our team in winter of 2018. She is photographer and videographer based in her hometown, Southwest Detroit. Mari specializes in documenting artists and cultural content in the community. She graduated from the Detroit School of Digital Technology for photography, film & audio production. She now works with multimedia group, The Aadizookaan, which produces cultural product through media, music, film and design. In her free time, time she works with a youth after school program through Latino Family Services.


PIE Advisory Board

Ever Bussey

Ever Bussey is a researcher and media maker in the city of Detroit. Ever is one of the founding youth of People in Education’s Out of School Project, where they worked with a team of youth and artists to investigate and develop solutions for big picture issues facing Detroit's school system. Ever is currently studying the ins and outs of digital fabrication and the beginning of the third digital revolution at the Detroit based fab lab Incite Focus. They are also a newly-enrolled grad student at the New School in New York where they are working toward a Master's in Media Studies.

Bobby Colombo

Bobby Colombo is a practicing artist trained as an educator, with extensive experience in classroom arts integration. Working mostly within the realms of digital media, Bobby has collaborated on films, music videos, podcasts, original songs, participatory action research and countless other project models with youth of all ages, bridging content with themes of social justice and humanizing schooling. He has also spent three years as a teaching artist with People in Education.

Sheena Crenshaw

Sheena Crenshaw was born and raised in Philly and it was there that she developed a commitment to educational justice-- her email username back then was revolusheen! She arrived in Detroit several years ago to teach high school English, where her practice as an educator was truly transformed through working with teaching artists and staff at People in Education. In her words, it felt like a calling to make change through collective work and community, and she’s done this as an organizer formally and informally over the years, both in and outside the classroom.  Currently, she manages in-school creative writing and workshop programs at 826michigan. Along the way, she also added on cherished identity-- mom, to a wonderfully bright and brilliant three-year-old.

Jim Dwyer

Jim Dwyer is a Latin teacher at a Catholic high school in Southwest Detroit. He has been a participant in People in Education’s Rida Institute for several years. Accordingly, he uses creativity, curiosity and reflection to create humanizing classrooms, also modeling them after his own favorite teacher.

Allie Gross

Allie Gross is a reporter for the Detroit Free Press and former teacher with People in Education. Her work has also appeared in Jacobin, VICE, Slate, GOOD, The Atlantic, FiveThirtyEight and Mother Jones. Prior to pursuing a career in journalism, Allie worked as a 5th-grade teacher in Detroit, where she co-founded Detroit Charter Data, a website aiming to bring accountability, transparency, and coherence to the city’s education landscape.