School Has One Syllable” is People In Education’s first 360 film created by the Out of School Project’s Toni Willis, Alondra Castañeda and Ever Bussey.

The video is a visualization of Toni’s Poem of the same title. Below are descriptions of the poem by OSP’ers.

“‘School Has One Syllable’ is a poetic narrative speaking candidly about schooling and its dehumanizing complexity. Toni’s haunting voice summons the coldness, restriction and longing that only a classroom has the capacity to trigger. Her echoing experience belongs to her but is shared by many. As she speaks, we are shown a panorama of hallways full of pasteurized school girls, empty lunch rooms and frosty scenery. These colder images are juxtaposed with heartening visuals of children on playgrounds and grassy fields with glorious sunshine. Her words coupled with the mise en scène being to construct the complex tapestry that is the education system.”  Ever Bussey

“This poem describes how impersonal our learning system has become. From standardized tests to standardized furniture, such as desks and chairs. It speaks to how the school system has little concern for its students, by prioritizing homework and grades over mental wellbeing. This leads to a disconnect between students and teachers, teachers and administration, administration and government, government and society, society and humanization. The deep roots of a failing system are finally brought to light.” Alondra Castañeda  

The video was made with support from Digital Promise’s 360 filmmakers Challenge, a partnership with Oculus VR for Good created to inspire the next generation of virtual reality creators — starting with high school students. The film was as the chosen as the Winner of the Learn & Grow Award from the 360 Filmmakers Challenge Fall 2017 national showcase competition.

 The film was filmed, edited and scored by Toni Willis, Alondra Castaneda, Ever Bussey and Ruwaida Baarma. We are excited to share our video “School Has One Syllable.”

** Watch the Video in YouTube to experience it as a 360 Video or on your YouTube App on your phone **